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Nora Ujvari is an experienced interior decorator and mural artist, based out of Kitchener Ontario.  Driven by making all things beautiful and functional with sustainability in mind, she takes pride in providing unique designs that best suit her client's needs as well as their style in an organized and timely manner. Nora also services clients in Cambridge, Waterloo, Guelph & its surrounding areas.

Nora’s passion for fine arts can be traced back to her early years in grade school & high school, where she spent significant time working on drawings and paintings. As an artist, she specializes in mural painting, watercolour florals, and furniture painting. During her studies at Conestoga College, Nora started her part-time decorating business colour consulting while also working at Heer’s Paint & Décor. Upon graduating from the interior decorating program with honours, she moved on to helping clients furnish their homes at Cornerstone Home Interiors. To widen her horizon, she started working at a design firm as an assistant & junior decorator. During her time there, she gained experience in space planning kitchens and bathrooms while creating conceptual 3D drawings. 


Nora is passionate about advancing in eco-friendly design, refining her painting skills as well as learning about how homes are constructed. In addition to helping her clients make their dreams a reality, Nora enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Pearlly, and Lilly as well as looking after her plant collection.

Nora’s design style is classic with a touch of contemporary; her love for timeless design is what makes her work elegant & widely admired. She believes in creating a space that will never go out of style by applying timeless design elements and using natural finishes. She believes that you should love every room in your home & everything within it.

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