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Earth Day Activities

In this blog post we’ll share ways you can help our plant earth not only on earth day but any day of the year. Some suggestions will be a quick, simple, cost effective swaps and other may take more time and planning to implement.

At Home

Since we spend a lot of time at home, lets explore ways we can be more friendly to our plant earth within our home.

Small Cost-Effective Steps

  1. Change out your light bulbs with LED light bulbs.

  2. Start a composting bin in your kitchen or a compositing pile in your backyard if you have the space.

  3. Consider changing out the chemical filed cleaning supplies with natural cleaning supplies such as diluting vinegar, lemons, baking soda & tee tree oil with water.

  4. Consider swaping out your weekly puchases to plastic free alternatives.

  5. Fix, give it a facelift if you can or donate before throwing things to the curb.

  6. Think twice or three times before buying things. Do you really need it, or do you just want it?

  7. Educate your self & your family ways in which you can implement sustainable, earth friendly habits with in your budget.

Look at you go! you have already started on suggestion #7! Don’t stop there, keep going! It will be worth it, I promise.

Big Steps That Will Be Well Worth the Investment In the Long Run:

1. Reduce water consumption by replacing old taps with more efficient ones.

2. Consider Downsizing.

Outside of Your House

Planet earth is also our home so let’s treat it that way.

Small Cost-Effective Activity’s Outside of the House

  1. Instal a barrel to collect rain water to later be used in the garden.

  2. Start a vegetable garden & grow organic fruits and vegetables.

  3. Consider fixing instead of replacing.

  4. Consider tucking gloves and a bag in your pocket before heading out for a walk and pick up liter when you stumble on to some.

  5. How about planting a few trees in your backyard or front lawn or donating to a charity that plants trees?

Big Activity’s Outside of the House That Will Be Well Worth the Investment In the Long Run

1. Consider installing soler panels to harvest the power of the sun & in return reduce your electricity bill

2. Is it time to replace your car? Consider an electric car.

Some of these suggestions are just not in everyone’s budget and some are just impossible to implement when you don’t live in a house or if you are renting. Don’t beat your self up about it, because what good will that do?! Right? No matter how small of steps you make in your journey of becoming more earth friendly, just know that you are making a difference & keep moving forward. Collectively all of our little steps will help make a big difference.

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